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Modeling at the WBF

This festival is a place where creative people develop something very special. The artists are, like the models, people who register themselves through their own costs to take part in their projects.

The requirements to be a model at the WBF are:

  • Reliable punctuality and genuine interest in enjoying the process.
  • Photos of yourself that we can pass on to artists still in need of a model.
  • To understand the artist's idea,  so you are able to appropriately express the idea through choreography on the stage and in the photography area.
  • Ideally, experience in posing for the camera and experience working with photographers.
  • You must be minimum 18 years old.
The meeting point if not otherwise arranged with the artist is at the registration desk where you also get your entry pass.
All participants including models do get the WBF MAGAZINE free of charges after the event. This catalog contains the best photos from the photo competition. Many photographers also send photos to models over the year or on request.

Before the main days, are many workshops held in small groups. A very special and small atmosphere is in these workshops with the world's best educators that paint a demo model.

/ If you are searching for a unique experience...

Important information

/ Model of the Year 2022

The World Award for Models

For 25 years now the World Bodypainting Festival has been gathering talents from around the world and provides a platform to present artistic values on the highest level. We love to award besides artists and photographers also models and performers. The community around the WBF is quite varied and comes from different backgrounds, often they have full-time jobs such as teachers, hairdressers, receptionists or office workers amongst other professions. Models and performers transform to bring the art and the story of the artist to life.

Being a bodypainting model is a very special experience, but also a very tough one. Preparing a show, becoming a character, and rehearsing. Standing for many hours, posing for the judging and numbers of photographers and in the end performing on the stage. The world of bodypainting appreciates the huge afford that models are giving. Since 2002 we are awarding the “World Bodypainting Model of the Year” and this year we are happy to award the amazing Alana Karah from Luxembourg!

A multi-talent, she participated in many projects with different photographers and artists and for the last years remarkably performed on the stage in the World Championship category “Team Show Award” together with the german team Claudia Kraemer and Enrico Lein and both times they become World Champions! The number of amazing images we have from her, not only this year but also many years back in the WBF history, are just outstanding.

Congratulations Aimee Alana Karah!                                                                     

Photo Credits:
Gerhard Grasinger / Siegfried Rausch / Iwo Winterhak

/ You are the artwork!

Tips for Models

The work as a model in the area of Bodypainting is a very special experience. You can get very unique pictures if you will follow our recommendations.

That’s why the requirements on the model differ from a „normal“ model job. This document is adapted especially for modeling at the World Bodypainting Festival and contains useful information for all models that work with Bodypainting artists.

Please download it and read it carefully. For any questions, we are happy to help you! 

You are awesome!
Tips & Tricks

From the preparation to the stage show.

Model at the World Bodypainting Festival

WBF Model Registration

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HQ Office:
WB Production GmbH
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9710 Feistritz

08:00 - 17:30

+43 (4245) 21637


Villacher Strasse 120, 9710 Feistritz, AUSTRIA
Festival Location
Messezentrum (Convention Center)
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