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Traditionally the WBF Photo Award are the great finals of all awards of the past festival! About 1.000 submissions from photographers from all over the world were showing the beauty of the festival and the artworks. 

For the jury it is always an exhausting event, where at the end the results are also discussed intensively. The pictures are examined in detail and often the question arises why a photo shown on the web was not rated higher. Well, the quality of a picture also lies in the details, which the jury appreciates accordingly.

Winner's works were indeed outstanding if they could overtake that amount of pictures. Beside money prizes, the winners of each category are awarded with a unique WBF trophy which we would like to hand over live at the upcoming festival.

All entries can be found on our Photo Gallery Server.

World Bodypainting Festival Photo Award Winner Iwo Winterhak
Winner 20220 Anthony Bloxham (UK), Category Portrait

/ Our dear Judges

The Jury 2022

  • Kurt Batschinski, FIAP Board of Directors, The World's Photo Association
  • Daniel Janesch, WBF Photo Director
  • Michaela Jakobitsch, Photo pro, studio owner and digital artist
  • Ulf Scherling, WBF Photo Director
  • Alex Barendregt, WBF Director for the organization (no judge)

Each photo was rated with 1 to 10 points; all photos in the top 15 were discussed and ranked.

We congratulate all the winners and are looking forward to a festive awarding at the World Bodypainting Festival 2022.

Jury WBF Photo Award

Best Bodypainting Photo

  1. Simone Gatterwe "Cry" (Austria)
  2. Peter Ziegler "Morbide 2" (Germany)
  3. Diana Bivolan "Alien Magic" (Canada)

Complete results of the category "Bodypainting" 2022 as PDF

Best Fashion / Portrait Photo

  1. Anthony Bloxham "Face of Venice" (UK)
  2. Michale Lessard "ConceRn" (Canada)
  3. Janis Möckelmann "Violett" (Germany)

 Complete results of the category "Best Fashion / Portrait Photo" 2022 as PDF

Villacher Strasse 120, 9710 Feistritz, AUSTRIA
Festival Location
Messezentrum (Convention Center)
St. Ruprechter Strasse, 9020 Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA

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